Affiliated Organizations

Atheists United is affiliated with and supports the following regional groups:


Atheists United has affiliates that meet all over the greater Los Angeles area. Each affiliate is organized by its own members. Atheists United’s mission is promoted at the community level by its affiliates.

Become an affiliate of Atheists United!

Please contact Evan Clark at [email protected] if your local secular group is interested in affiliating with Atheists United!


Benefits of Affiliating:


  • Fiscal sponsorship of your group
    • Ability to process tax-deductible donations on behalf of your group
    • Storage of group funds in AU bank account
    • Manage and disperse your funds as needed
    • A percentage of dues paid by members of your affiliate will be available for your use
  • Promotion & Support
    • AU will cover your costs
    • Access to AU media lists and speaker connections
    • Support coordinating major speakers and events
    • Promotion of your group in AU’s monthly newsletter (receive free copies of AU newsletter upon request)
    • Promotion of your major events to AU’s email lists
    • Promotion of your events on AU’s website
  • Operational Support
    • Access to AU event insurance policy (upon request)
    • Support creating and promoting fundraising campaigns
    • Connection to local, regional, and national atheist organizations AU works with
    • Maintain your group leadership autonomy and unique identity