Being A Positive Atheist Community

Atheists United is a Positive Atheist community based on Goparaju Ramachandra Rao’s (aka Gora) book Positive Atheism. In the book, Gora wondered “How is an atheist different from, and better than a non-atheist in the way of his life?” His answer was Positive Atheism.

Gora covers many topics in Positive Atheism. Philosophy, ethics, economics and other issues are discussed but, because Positive Atheism asserts that the essence of atheism is the freedom of the individual, you won’t find a list of do’s and don’ts. A detailed code of conduct is incompatible with the freedom an atheist has. This list of commandments is something you’d typically find in The Bible, The Quaran and other religious text that do not recognize freedom of the individual. Therefore, Positive Atheism is meant as a guide, not a definitive list of behavior.

Though Gora avoids a list of do’s and don’ts, he does emphasize the need for honesty. He feels that freedom releases the great potential of our imagination and initiative. It’s this same freedom that also allows us to pursue equality for humanity.

Gora also believes that the purpose of an atheist is happiness here and now. The concern isn’t with salvation after death, it’s with improving the community and preventing drought, disease, misery and death. There is an increase in social awareness that drives atheists to be honest and to seek equality.

At Atheists United, we look for opportunities that allow our members to make these values a reality. If you share these values with us, you can “walk the walk” with us. We’re good without god and we prove it on a regular basis. Programs like the Highway Cleanup and our participation in the upcoming AIDS Walk are just two examples of how we seek happiness here and now by improving the lives of others and the community we live in.

Our Highway Cleanup effort happens throughout the year. We sponsor a 2 mile stretch of the Glendale 2 freeway and organize groups of volunteers to help keep it clean. If you’d like to participate in an upcoming cleanup effort, please click here to add your name to our list of volunteers.

On Sunday, Oct 14th, 2012, Atheists United will participate in this year’s annual Los Angeles AIDS Walk fundraising event in West Hollywood, CA. The money raised by AIDS Walk Los Angeles supports AIDS service organizations throughout Los Angeles County. To find out more and join our team, click here.