To Give Thanks at Thanksgiving, Atheists United Steps Up to ‘Thank A Farmer’

Many organizations make efforts to help those in need at Thanksgiving time, but needy farm laborers are often overlooked, even though they are the ones who work to provide us with the food bounty we celebrate. For many years Atheists United has helped out with food drives in the city of Los Angeles. This year we donated gift coupons to farm workers, launching a program to assist and show appreciation to them, an initiative that is co-sponsored by a grant from the Riseman Foundation.

The gift coupon program will allow families in Ventura County to buy a turkey as well as $25 of groceries. Atheists United and The Riseman Foundation will expand this program next year.

Norman Abshear, the Treasurer of Atheists United, has organized the group’s food drive activities for several years and is excited about this new program. “With this grant from the foundation, we are able to expand the scope of our efforts to include under-served families in areas that are invisible to urban populations,” he said.

Atheists United President Michael Khalili added, “Secularists don’t really worry about the judgments of supernatural entities. Instead, we want to recognize the people here to whom we owe thanks.”

Atheists United is an active community of atheists in the greater Los Angeles area. Our core mission involves: promoting separation of government and religion, educating the public about our philosophy and practices, and serving the public good in ways that are exemplary of our values.

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