Toy Loan – Request for Volunteers

Date: Saturday, September 14th from 8:30am until 11:30am
toy loan opening

We recently started the Atheists United Toy Loan Center and need volunteers to help make this program a success.

The Toy Loan program is like a lending library for toys. Children visit a local Toy Loan center and borrow a toy. The program helps families save money by borrowing toys instead of buying them. It also builds good character in children by encouraging honesty, patience, courtesy, promptness, cleanliness, cooperation and responsibility. It does this by rewarding children with special points when they follow the rules. After several weeks of accumulating points, a child earns a brand new toy to keep. 

The type of help needed:

  • Canvassing (walking to local businesses in the area to leave flyers and speaking to families walking in the streets nearby to encourage them to come during the open hours)
  • Staffing a small outside table in front of the Toy Loan center to explain the Toy Loan program to passersby and/or showing them inside to see how the program works.
  • Setup and breakdown of toy display

Do you speak Spanish?
Many in the community only speak Spanish and we really need Spanish speakers to help communicate with interested families.

This is a weekly program. It runs from 9am – 11am every Saturday morning. We’re scheduling this request for volunteers for Saturday September 14th but you can volunteer on any Saturday that is convenient for you.


Of course, if you’d like to stop the the center to borrow a toy, that would be great too!