Thank-A-Famer Thanksgiving Food Donation 2013

thank a farmer group shot with bags 600

For the second year in a row, Southern California atheists give thanks to those who provide the bounty we enjoy each Thanksgiving—the farm workers, who are too often unable to provide for their families what they provide for the more prosperous.

Twenty needy families, identified by the United Farm Workers Foundation received the food and supermarket gift certificates sufficient to provide holiday meals, complete with turkey and trimmings.  Norman Abshear, Atheists United Board Member, has organized the group’s food drive activities for several years.

He talks about the program with enthusiasm:  “We prefer to give this way so that families can celebrate in the privacy of their homes. This year we will be helping more families than ever before. Thanks to donations from Atheists United members, they will receive more than 500 lbs. of food and hundreds of dollars worth of supermarket gift cards.“ In addition to members’ donations, funds are provided by the Riseman Foundation.

AU President Michael Khalili added, “As secularists, we don’t give thanks to supernatural beings. Instead, we thank the people who labor to make this holiday possible.”

It’s thanks to public donations that we’re about to make this event possible. Click here if you’d like to donate.