General Meeting: Steven Paul Leiva – Traveling in Space

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Steven Paul LeivaSteven Paul Leiva will read from his new satiric science fiction novel, Traveling in Space, a Gulliver’s Travels for the 21st Century with Homo sapiens as the Lilliputians. Steven will also bare his (non-existent) soul and present “Confessions of a Homo sapiens chauvinist.”

Traveling in Space was recently given a positive review by Russell Blackford, a leading atheist in Australia and the author of Freedom of Religion and the Secular State.

Steven will be available after the talk to sign copies of his book. If you bought the book on the Amazon Kindle, bring it along to receive a unique signature card from Steven. We will also have Traveling in Space available for purchase for $14.99 during the meeting.

Steven Paul Leiva is a novelist, playwright, and essayist. His play, Made on the Moon premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and has been performed in America by John Billingsley, Robert Picardo and Paul Provenza. Ray Bradbury greeted his first novel, Blood is Pretty, with the declaration that, “Steven Leiva not only promises, he delivers. This is a fine first novel. Bravo!” Leiva has published three other novels, including his newest, Traveling in Space, from Blüroof Press. He has written essays for the Los Angeles Times and is an essayist/reviewer for Neworld Review, an online literary magazine.

The meeting is open to the public and free to all members of Atheists United and first-time guests. Repeat guests are asked to pay $5. Child care is provided along with a complementary lunch after the meeting.

Donations make these events possible. Contributions are very much appreciated.

Free parking is available in the lot adjacent to the building.

Date: Sunday, February 26th at 11am.

Center For Inquiry Los Angeles
4773 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027

(2 blocks west of Vermont)

Steven gave a wonderful performance while reading his book Traveling in Space. We’ll put the video up soon but here are pictures in the meantime. Click on a picture to enlarge.