Highway Cleanup

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Atheists United Highway CleanupAtheists United Highway Cleanup

Atheists United supports the community by sponsoring the highway cleanup of the Glendale (2) freeway. AU members keep a 2 mile stretch of road near Holly Drive clean. Please help keep Los Angeles clean and join us in the cleanup effort!

What to wear
Sturdy shoes, a hat and sunscreen. Dress in layers because it can start out cold and warm up during the morning. We’ll provide bags, gloves and grabbers so you won’t have to bend over to pick up trash.

We’ll go to Zankou Chicken for lunch after the cleanup.

How long
The highway clean up will take about 2-3 hours plus optional get together for lunch afterwards.

10 Atheists United volunteers helped cleanup the Glendale Freeway (2). It’s thanks to your membership dues and donations that we’re able to maintain these programs. Please consider joining Athesits United or donating money to keep this project going!

Pictures from the Highway Cleanup event are posted below. Click a picture to enlarge.