Atheists United Board Nominations

Atheists United has an elected board of directors consisting of a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary as well as several directors-at-large. The number of directors at large varies but is currently set at 8. Board members’ terms last two years and each year about half of the board is up for election.

Nominations for the 2017 Board are now being accepted and will close after the nominating meeting held at our September 25 General Meeting. The subsequent election (if seats are contested) will be held at the October 23 General Meeting. It is not currently known which board members are running for reelection but likely some aren’t running. We strongly encourage members to consider being nominated.

Board seats up for election this year are: Vice President ( currently Reid Nicewonder ); Treasurer ( currently Ingemar Hulthage ); 5 directors-at-large seats. Those 5 seats are currently held by , Christine Brean, Bruce Caukin, Dorian Mattar, Orion Newell, Marco Silva. Also Robin Rinzler was up for election next year but has resigned so we will have nominations to serve for 1 year in that vacant director at large seat.

AU’s bylaws specify that nominees have the following qualifications. Nominees for president must have completed 1 year of service as a board member prior to the end of the election year. All other nominees are required to have been members of Atheists United for at least 6 months prior to the September nominating meeting.

Members may nominate themselves or another member prior to or during the September nominating meeting. If you are nominating another member, please make sure that they want to run and they meet the above qualifications. To nominate prior to the general meeting, call the AU office at (323) 666-4258. Leave a message and a phone number and you will be called back to confirm the nomination.