Leo Igwe – International Humanist

Update: We raised nearly $400 at this event and used the money to support Leo Igwe with his work. The video recording isn’t available yet but I will make an announcement when this and our other events are ready. Below are pictures from the event.

Leo Igwe

Date: July 7th, 2012 at 3pm

Leo Igwe has been beaten, arrested on trumped up charges, forced to watch his family mutilated and has suffered innumerable more minor hardships as a “reward” for his work on behalf of the children of Africa.

Thugs employed by Helen Ukpabio follow him to oppose, sometimes violently, his defense of the children she has sentenced to loneliness, starvation, and sometimes death by labeling them witches.

Leo has traveled throughout much of Africa to help establish humanist schools on this continent where virtually all education is religious. He is the founder of the Nigerian Humanist Movement and the Nigerian Skeptics Society.

Leo was the Western and Southern African representative to IHEU, the International Humanist and Ethical Union, a former director of the Center for Inquiry in Nigeria and a former member of the Atheist Alliance International Council and Board of Directors. He has bravely worked to end a variety of human rights violations, including anti-gay hate, sorcery, witchcraft, ritual killing, human sacrifice, “untouchability”, caste discrimination, and anti-blasphemy laws.

He is presently enrolled in a three year research program on “Witchcraft accusations in Africa” at the University of Bayreuth, in Germany.

Join us and discover the faith-based atrocities committed under religious misguidance and how the efforts of one man and the secular movement can make a difference.

Date: July 7th 3pm

Food afterwards
After the event we’ll go to a local restaurant with Leo, talk and get to know one another.

Priceless (technically free… but inspirationally invaluable).

Double Tree Los Angeles Downtown (formerly the Kyoto Grand Hotel)
120 South Los Angeles Street
Los Angeles, CA
Google map of the location

The meeting will be in a conference room on the main floor, across from the hotel restaurant. There will be signs as you come up from the parking lot in the hotel. If you can’t find us, ask hotel staff or call Michael at 323-301-1980.

Parking at the hotel is $8, but only $5 at Joe’s lot across the street.

Help spread the word
We need your help to tell others about this event. Please print this flyer and leave it anywhere you think people would be interested in taking one.

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