Atheists United Videos

Speaker Bart Campolo: “Secular Humanism: A Proactive Approach to Goodness”

Speaker James Lindsay: There Is No God But “God”

Speaker Anthony Magnabosco: “We’re Doing it Wrong: How to Conduct More Effective Talks with Believers”

Speaker Susan Gerbic: Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia

Speaker Heina Dadabhoy: “Botched Comparisons, Shared Origins: Islam & Christianity”

Speaker Ryan Bell: “The Slow Death of God: Lessons from a Year Without God”

Speaker Richard Carrier: “Did Jesus Even Exist?”

Speaker Robert Richert: “Communicating Atheism”

Dr. Anthony B. Pinn speaking at Atheists United

Q&A with David Smalley, Dr. Ryan Bell, and John Christy at Atheists United

Dr. Phil Zuckerman on “Secular Morality: Real World Implications”

Q&A with Steve Hill following a screening of the documentary “Contradiction”

CJ Werleman on the Chistian Right

Dr. Peter Boghossian: Q&A on Street Epistemology

This Land Is Mine from Nina Paley

Seven tips for coming out as an Atheist By David McAfee

Susan and Stephan perry talk about being an author and how to get published

Leo Igwe talks about the ongoing difficulties presented by religious belief in Africa at Heretic House July 2013

Humanist Comedian Betsy Salkind at the Atheists United General Meeting May 2013

Singer-songwriter Shelley Segal performs music from her album ‘An Atheist Album’ on 05/23/13

Eddie Tabash talks about the Future of Atheism in America at Atheists United

Voices of Reason singing “Imagine” by John Lennon

Winter Display and Nativity Scenes Hearings – Santa Monica City Council 2012

Ross of Ross and Carrie talks about some of the investigations He and Carrie have done at Atheist United

Leo Igwe talks about religiously inspired witch hunts in Nigeria

Darrel Ray talks about SEX and god and how one ruins the other

Janet Heimlich on Religious Child Maltreatment at Atheists United

Steven Paul Leiva – Traveling in Space Presented by Atheists United

Sikivu Hutchinson study on race relations in the United States

Sean Faircloth talks about the purpose and goals of The Secular Coalition of America

Thomas Jefferson tells us about his life and times

Barbara Forrest talks about the threat posed by religious right to science education

How Hemant Metah (The Friendly Atheist) sold his “soul” on eBay

Herb Silverman runs for Governor as an atheist