About Atheists United

Atheists United is a non-profit that serves atheist communities in and around greater Los Angeles. Our mission is to build thriving atheist communities, empower people to express their secular values, and promote separation of government and religion.


We plan a diverse array of community-driven programming across Los Angeles and gather for major monthly meetings on the 4th Sunday of each month (complimentary lunch is always served for our members) and empower our members to put their values into action by organizing projects around community service and separation of government and religion.

We also support a network of atheist-aligned community organizations all over greater Los Angeles through our affiliate network and sponsor local and national atheist events.

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The organization is led by Executive Director, Evan Clark, and President, Bill Hausman. Further information on our Board & Staff can be found here.




Established in 1982, Atheists United is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, tax deductible educational organization. We are one of the largest local freethought organizations in Southern California. Since its inception, we have committed to organizing the secular community to affect change in local, national and international acceptance of the atheist community, secular government, and religious tolerance.

By providing regularly planned events and opportunity for fellowship, Atheists United has inspired a vibrant and active atheist community around Greater Los Angeles. We provide a welcoming environment where atheists, agnostics, humanists, and other secular identifying folks can meet and engage with other secular Americans.

Atheists United defends the separation of government from religion by encouraging civic engagement and activism. We elevate the awareness of secular issues and secular values to the general public and organize for social progress. Through our education campaigns, Atheists United continues to reaffirm the freethought heritage of our secular nation and validates the patriotism of freethinkers who shaped American democracy, culture, and stature.

Through public outreach, Atheists United has advanced the acceptance of atheism and provided thousands with language for their positive, secular worldviews that promote compassion and reason.

Atheists United encourages members to put their values into action through community service, charitable endeavors, and public demonstrations. We also sponsors local and national events that support our members and the larger freethought community.

Atheists United is a positive atheist community grounded in Humanist ethics. We believe in equal treatment and opportunity among all people. We hope you consider joining us!