About Atheists United

We are an active community of atheists in the greater Los Angeles area.

Our core mission involves:

  • Promoting separation of government and religion.
  • Educating the public about our philosophy and practices.
  • Serving the public good in ways that are exemplary of our values.

We have monthly meetings on the 4th Sunday of each month in the Hollywood area. We get together for informative lectures, to celebrate the seasonal equinoxes and solstices, to watch secular movies, play fun games and more. A complimentary lunch is always served after the general meetings.

We also sponsor special events throughout the month and our affiliate organizations have events all over the Los Angeles area.

Join our community today and get together with us to discuss beliefs and philosophies, deepen your freethought heritage and make new friends.

The organization is led by President Bill Hausman. You can see the entire Board of Directors and supporting staff here.

Established in 1982, Atheists United is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, tax deductible educational organization. We are one of the largest freethought organizations in the nation and the largest in the Southern California area. As an affiliate of Atheists Alliance of America and the Los Angeles Freethought Federation, Atheists United is committed to consolidating the collective efforts of its members to affect change on a local, national and international level to advance the cause of an atheist community, secular government and religious tolerance.

By providing regularly planned events and the opportunity for fellowship, Atheists United hopes to inspire a vibrant and active atheist community. For far too many non-believers, isolation is a common experience as religious belief tends to be an assumed default, discouraging those who might abide by their freedom of conscience to admit their doubt or non-belief. Atheists United provides a welcoming environment where atheists can meet and are encouraged to connect with other non-believers.

Atheists United defends the separation of government from religion by encouraging civic engagement and activism among its members to elevate the awareness of secular issues to the general public and consolidate the political will of non-believers. Through education campaigns and public displays, Atheists United seeks to reaffirm the freethought heritage of our secular nation and validate the patriotism of freethinkers who are just as entitled to our nation’s legacy as religious citizens.

Through public outreach and education, AU strives to advance the acceptance of atheism as a worldview consistent with morality and ethics. In order to promote positive humanistic ethics and religious tolerance, AU fosters respect for non-believers through opportunities for members to engage in service, charitable endeavors and public demonstrations. AU builds partnerships with organizations whose missions complement AU’s goals by promoting their events to our members and by providing material support such as donations and volunteers to their endeavors to increase our member’s collective power to affect positive change in our world.

Atheists United is a positive atheist community. As such, we believe in equal treatment and opportunity among all people, regardless of race, world view, sex or sexual preference. Another feature of positive atheism is the absence of dogma. Its founder Gora said, “The only imperative is honesty.” Because of this distrust for catechisms and similar “moral laws,” we tolerate members and friends who may not share the tenets of positive atheism. So long as they do not pretend to speak for Atheists United or misrepresent our belief, they are welcome.