We are an active community of atheists in the greater Los Angeles area.

Our core mission involves promoting separation of government & religion, educating the public about our philosophy & practices and serving the public good in ways that are exemplary of our values. We have monthly meetings on the 4th Sunday of each month that include a variety of activities such as informative lectures, seasonal celebrations, secular movie screenings and more.


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Venue set for next 5 General Meetings  

If you liked the September and October venue,  Lightspace Studio, at 7600 Melrose, (on the corner of Curson & Melrose) you'll be pleased to know that Atheists United has decided to have their meetings there for the next several months.  The preferred meeting place, at CFI,  has not announced a date in which their construction will be completed and rumor has it that it won't be until April or May of 2019.  In the interim, members complained that AU was playing a game like musical chairs as regards a venue, so last week AU told Lightspace Studio to keep the venue open for us each 4th Sunday.  Parking is complicated on Melrose so best to park on non-metered Curson which is free all day Sunday.

Tune in Sunday Morning for Atheism on TV !

The Freedom from Religion Foundation has a regular Sunday morning TV program, Freethought Matters,  on Channel 13 KCOP at 8:30 am.  DirecTV and a few other companies list this program as “paid programming”  but set your recorders anyway.  Even if broadcasters are embarrassed to list a program that condones atheism,  at least it is being aired!  (Thank you KCOP).  

ATHEIST NEWS - One Stop Shopping on Patreon   

Patreon offers atheist debates, atheist lectures, atheist advise, and now, atheist news!   Not quite sure how DeMarco finds all this news but, thank goodness, it is all in one place now.  Tune to  https://www.patreon.com/Atheistnews/posts

Upcoming Community Service Projects

Our volunteers keep two of LA's finest highways clean (the 2 in Glendale, and the 10 in West LA) and we hope you're able to join us next time! Upcoming West LA Highway Clean Up > Upcoming Glendale Highway Clean Up  

Upcoming Events

Adopt-A-Highway,  blood drives, and helping the homeless are programs that can always  use more volunteers to help!  Contact [email protected] to volunteer for these programs.  And feel free to suggest and/or coordinate programs that  serve the public good in ways that are exemplary of our values.

Atheists United Adopt-A-Highway signCommunity Blood Drive

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