We are an active community of atheists in the greater Los Angeles area.

Our core mission involves promoting separation of government & religion, educating the public about our philosophy & practices and serving the public good in ways that are exemplary of our values. We have monthly meetings on the 4th Sunday of each month that include a variety of activities such as informative lectures, seasonal celebrations, secular movie screenings and more.


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Dan Barker + Voices of Reason

Voices of Reason caters to the non-religious audience--their music ranges from softer humanist themes to satire pieces that rib religion.  Add to this the famous musical talents of Dan Barker of Freedom From Religion and you have music supreme.  This is a one-time only event from 5 pm to 7 on Sunday June 30th.  Heretic House can only hold 75 guests.  So register now to save yourself a place.  Register at Meetup.com https://www.meetup.com/atheistsunited/events/262296708/

Not a Hangup, it's a Hangout!

AU Members now have a hangout at the CFI facility. Members (and guests) will be meeting every 2nd MONDAY from 7 to 9 pm. The next 2nd Monday is July 8th. There are bunches of topics just waiting to be discussed. Finally a place where you can ask a question or state a premise where you feel comfortable doing so; even saying those things that would, in an ordinary situation, turn your face red or make a vein pop out. CFI is at 2535 Temple and parking is free. See you there!


In April Torrance passed a measure to display In God We Trust above the dais.  According to Councilman Griffiths who voted for the display in a 4-3 vote, this sign is not about religion!  This display is patriotic.  After all, according to Griffiths, these words are “ our country's National Motto, and is proudly displayed above the Rostrum of the US House Chamber, as well as the newly constructed Federal Capitol Visitor's Center, not to mention is printed daily on our currency, as well as in government facilities all around our country. Our council chamber is an extension of the seat of government developed by our founding fathers.” (But it’s not about religion!)  What Griffiths doesn’t understand is that, of course, it is about religion!  And our founding fathers would have voted against it.  So should all people who trust in reason,

Upcoming Community Service Projects

Reference our Spring Service Day. It's time to volunteer as a good neighbor, as a good citizen, as dues to humanity. Volunteers keep two of LA's finest highways clean (the 2 in Glendale, and the 10 in West LA) and we hope you're able to join us on May 4th.!

Upcoming West LA Highway Clean Up

Upcoming Glendale Highway Clean Up

Upcoming Events

  • 20 Jun
    San Fernando Valley West Atheist Meetup
    6:45 pm @ West Hills Pizza Company
    ATTENTION: TRYING OUT A NEW LOCATION! In June we will meet at the West Hills Pizza Company. It is at 7543 Fallbrook Ave, West Hills CA, 91307 (the corner of Saticoy and Fallbrook ) TOPIC FOR THIS MEETING: We will start with a variety of short topics for everyone to express an opinion on. Often we will go from there to find something to discuss...
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  • 23 Jun
    Atheists Got Talent – Summer Solstice Variety Show & Party
    11:00 am @ Heretic House
    You won't want to miss this month's meetup! Atheists United is hosting a variety show to celebrate atheist talent this summer solstice! Read a poem, sing a song, tell some jokes, show off a dance, juggle flaming swords... whatever your talent or act, it's welcome! All performances must be five minutes or less. The Board of Directors is even...
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  • 30 Jun
    Freethought Concert Ft. Dan Barker & Voices of Reason
    5:00 pm @ Heretic House
    Pianist, composer, and activist Dan Barker from the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Madison, Wisconsin will perform a freethought concert in conjunction with Voices of Reason, the atheist a capella choir based in Los Angeles. Come join us at at Heretic House, the home of Bobbie Kirkhart, for this festive event where we will hear some new...
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Our Adopt-A-Highway program are programs that can always use more volunteers to help!  Contact [email protected] to volunteer.

Atheists United Adopt-A-Highway sign