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Did you know Atheists United is a nonprofit organization completely funded by memberships and donations?

Unlike corrupt churches, we’ll never tell you that “God demands you give us all your money” or make you feel like you’re going to hell for not giving us most of your paycheck. We think where you give money is an important ethical decision and should not be taken lightly.

Furthermore, we know that to receive support from atheists like you we need EVIDENCE that our community adds value to the world. Our programming needs to make an impact on peoples lives and continue the fight for equality, justice, and compassion in society. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.

In 2019 we’ve recommitted to bringing nationally recognized speakers and have been increasing our event attendance, membership count, and media attention since. We’ve drafted an 18-month strategic plan to move us back into local activism, putting us squarely on the front lines in the fight against Christian Nationalism. We’re also revamping our internal operations and systems to make us a more nimble and impactful nonprofit moving forward.

We’re proud to be Los Angeles’ oldest and most historic atheist organization and hope you can help us grow in 2019, and beyond.

– Evan Clark, Executive Director

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